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Coaching is the process of changing your life by changing your thinking. We all walk through life with “filters” through which we process the world. These filters affect how we think, feel, and act upon the situations we come across. By changing your thinking at a subconscious level, you will begin to think, feel and eventually act differently towards the same scenario. And by doing so, you will necessarily change the way your world works.

For example, imagine going through life thinking that no one is romantically interested in you. Then you will feel constantly defeated and depressed at not being able to find love. And consequently you will not do anything to find love…or any action you take will have not much energy behind it. Now change your thinking to one of knowing that there are compatible guys out there and you just have to find them.  You may feel more excited at the “thrill of the hunt” and enjoying the process.  Hence you will be more apt to actively search out and go on dates…which of course sort of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because at some point you’re bound to come across someone compatible.

Your thoughts affect your feelings, which affect your actions.  So real change begins with changing your thinking. It’s not always easy because your thoughts come from a deeply embedded part of your mind called the sub-conscious. The thoughts that reside there form your core essence, and were planted there from an early age. They are engrained in your psyche, and rule the way we view the world. Some of these thoughts serve us well (like “be kind to others and they will be kind in return”)…but some don’t serve us quite so well and hold us back.  In coaching, we work to find and dig up these thoughts that hold us back, and transform them into thoughts that serve us better. This is not a quick process, not always an easy one…but it is necessary to create true and lasting change in your life.

So if you feel stuck in your dating life, or can’t seem to get past that ex or have a satisfying relationship, then chances are there is a root thought (or thoughts) embedded in your subconscious that is creating an obstacle for you.  Let’s work together on finding that thought and transforming it so that you can finally have the relationship that you truly want!


  • Feeling depressed / powerless / anxious about your breakup and having trouble moving forward.
  • Not sure what to do or how to put your life together after the breakup
  • Not sure why the breakup happened and want to find some answers / closure
  • Want to reconcile with your ex but not sure how
  • Want to completely move on from your ex but having trouble
  • Want to maintain friends with your ex but not sure how to disassociate the intimacy
  • Considerable time has passed since the breakup, yet still not feeling completely over it
  • And other issues…


  • You are frustrated because you keep dating the “wrong” guys and can’t seem to date the “right” guys
  • You don’t know where to find guys to date.
  • You’re frustrated with online dating and not sure how to make it work for you.
  • You want a relationship but not sure if you’re ready.
  • You feel too shy to ask guys on a date and want to get over your shyness.
  • You are used to having no-strings-attached sex, but now looking to form a more intimate relationship.
  • You are HIV+ or have another illness and feel it is holding back your dating life.
  • You have been dating someone for a few weeks but not sure if you’re ready to “take it to the next level.”
  • And other issues…


  • You are on the verge of breaking up but want to try to salvage the relationship.
  • You are thinking about breaking up but not sure if that’s the right move.
  • You are having specific challenges in your relationship and want to get through them.
  • You have a good relationship but are looking to make it even better.
  • Your sex life is not as fulfilling and you are looking to rekindle it.
  • You are thinking about opening up the relationship.
  • You are in a long-distance relationship and having frustrations with it.
  • Your partner cheated on you and you are having trouble trusting him.
  • You cheated on your partner and feeling guilty about it.
  • You are thinking about getting engaged / married and just want to make sure you’re ready.
  • And other issues…

No!  Life is a complex wheel of interconnected spokes, which are comprised of relationships (intimate and otherwise), career, finances, health, spirituality, etc.  Issues are not isolated to and affect just one part of your life…every aspect of your life is likely affected.  For example, imagine that you are overwhelmingly stressed with work…that will definitely affect your enthusiasm for going on a date or put a strain on your existing relationship.  If you’re not feeling physically well, it will also affect your dating life, your existing relationship, your ability to move through your breakup, etc.  So during your sessions, your coach will look for other areas of your life that may be affecting your relationship life.  If another area is discovered, we may end up focusing all of our time in dealing with that area, because doing so will provide you with a more satisfactory relationship life.

We can meet either in person, via Skype or via phone call.  The best and most preferred way is either in person or via Skype, as they give the most interaction.  If those aren’t possible, then we can meet by phone.  Yes, phone coaching is extremely effective, and in fact many coaches will only coach exclusively by phone.  We like to offer you the choice.

The consultation is FREE.

If you decide that coaching is the proper option for you, there are several packages to choose from:

Package A:  $375

  • Free consultation
  • Five 45-minute coaching sessions (in addition to the energy assessment session)
  • Free attendance to all workshops, webinars and events while active client
                    (Total Value of $500)

Package B: $575

  • Free consultation
  • Eight 45-minute coaching sessions (in addition to the energy assessment session)
  • Free attendance to all workshops, webinars and events while active client
  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions
                    (Total Value of $800)

Package C: $850

  • Free consultation
  • Twelve 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Free attendance to all workshops, webinars and events while active client
  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions
  • Unlimited phone support in-between sessions
                    (Total Value of $1,200)

Credit cards accepted.  Refunds available (contact us for details).